About We've Got You

The need for ‘We’ve Got You Inc.’ was the passion of a local family that had experienced the loss of their daughter, their experience of loss was similar to many families in the South West of Victoria.
They needed care within the hospital, and ongoing support once they left to ensure that they could continue to parent their other children, care for their families and plan for their future whilst grieving their loss. 
We’ve Got You Inc. has been the leader in advocating for the establishment of the bereavement room within South West Healthcare.
Providing a hub for advocacy, education and resources.

About Our Cause

To ensure that families who have suffered the loss of a child through pregnancy loss, neonatal death up to and including 16 years of age within Southwest Victoria receive the best possible care before, during and after their devastating loss. This will be done by educating healthcare providers, linking the family into local and online resources and helping to guide them through their journey as required.

Our Goals

Our first major goal is to create a breavement room at South West Healthcare. So families have a safe space to take their time saying goodbye to their precious child whilst making memories and keepsakes. Secondly we plan on rolling out education to Midwives, Nurses, GPs and other frontline workers to better equipt them on how to care for families and themselves while looking after bereaved families.

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"From our hearts to yours, you are not alone."

- We've Got You